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Protect Your Peace


One of the biggest misconceptions of life is that your happiness is someone else’s responsibility when in fact, happiness is YOUR responsibility. Too often we put our emotional fate in the hands of our lovers, friends, career, etc. And we tell ourselves “once this happens, I’ll be happy,” or “if I get this, I’ll be happy,” or “once I’m at this point, I’ll be happy.” Wrong! It’s time we start taking more control over our emotions and protecting our peace. The greatest success in life is mastering a peace of mind. See, the similarity between happiness and sadness is that each emotion falls in the way we interpret a situation. The difference is that one can carry you through your day triumphantly, while the other you can either let it take away from your day or simply let it dissolve. Don’t get me wrong, some situations are tougher than others and some situations set us up for depression and misery. However, your peace of mind in reference to others around you is in your control. Misery doesn’t like to be alone; it loves company, which is why negative people like to push their negativity on to other people. Energy is contagious! Have you ever noticed when you’re arguing with someone and they maintain a calm demeanor, subconsciously, it makes you calm. Or ever notice when someone starts talking negatively about someone, other people begin to chime in with other negative statements. But here’s the trick, don’t allow someone else’s ignorance, dictate ur peace. Don’t allow misery to steal your happiness and joy. Don’t allow others’ regrets, mistakes, and bitterness to take you away from obtaining eternal happiness. If you can control your emotions, you will always have control over your life. Trust me, I know it’s not always easy, but remember that your perspective is what dictates your day. Radiate positivity and let it spread.

- Blessings


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