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Educate Our Youth

As the youth prepares to take on another school year, the reality is about 85% of the youth are not excited to go back to school to learn. However, shouldn’t learning be a 365/year long plan?

The process of educating our youth has expanded over the past 30 years. More prevalent than ever, we experience problems that stem from outside the classroom but become a huge issue inside the classroom.

To some extent, we are all educators from the high school football coach in Florida, the motivational speaker in California, the boys and girls club mentor in Chicago, the after school tutor in New York, or the middle school teacher in Virginia. Therefore, we all play a huge role in the development of our youth.

As educators, we understand the huge roll we play in helping children find their purpose and teaching them the foundations for achieving that purpose. The root of tapping into their purpose is not just educating them cognitively, but socially, ethically, physically, and emotionally. It takes an adult who is passionate about developing the young mind however, our youth cannot properly develop until we realign the balance of what is important to helping our youth succeed.

The system of educating can no longer be a “one size fits all” platform. Instead, we must tap into the souls of every young child to help bring about their talents, their flaws, their contributions, their psyches, and start to empowering them to believe their life serves a purpose.

Behind every young child is a dreamer to be that NBA player, lawyer, doctor, etc. However, over time those dreams become lost due to the reality of their social economic status or environment. Educators from teachers, to coaches, to parents are essentially responsible for loving/caring for that child and his or her dream to give them the chance to believe they are bigger than their surroundings or that no obstacle is too hard to overcome.

Ask yourself this, what can you do to empower that child that believes they are not good enough. How can we make each child believe they can achieve anything. How can we show respect and understanding throughout our day to empower a child to do the same? How can we spread love knowing how contagious it can be?


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