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Respect My Life Foundation's mission is to empower ourselves and each other by formulating a unified culture that is more understanding allowing each of us to pursue our purpose with freedom. We believe in providing educational and extra curricular incentives to positively impact lives through purpose.

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RML is a movement to unify everyone. We live in a world where people judge based on presumptions due to someone's ethnicity, race, background, class, or religion. So this is a step closer to bringing everyone together. My life matters and so does yours.

Karen Lobatan

RML is not only a way to show how everyone's life is important but a way for me to express myself is my own way. Teaching me to grow, be a better person in life, and a positive role model that people can look up to.

I see RML as not only recognizing the differences between all of us, but as a reminder of what brings us all together: being proud of who we are as individuals and accepting the individuality others bring to the table.

Sebastian Bruno

Nicole Lobatan

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